Black Colossus

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A Conan the barbarian story by Robert E. Howard.

A powerful wizard named Thugra Khotan is awoken from his three-thousand year sleep by an audacious yet unlucky Zamoran thief named Shevatas (he does not survive the experience). Thugra wakes with dreams of world domination. He assumes the name Natohk, the Veiled One, gathers an army of desert tribes and sets out to conquer the Hyborian nations. However, the tiny kingdom of Khoraja - with a mixed Hyborian-Semite population, culture and religion - stands in his way. The country is presently ruled by the lithesome Yasmela, sister of the king, who is himself a captive of neighboring Ophir. In dread of Natohk's pending invasion, Yasmela turns for advice to the nigh-forgotten god of her ancestors, Mitra, and is told to venture into the streets and hand over the defense of her kingdom to the first man she meets.

Fatefully, the first man she encounters is Conan the Cimmerian. Conan already has a position in her army, but now he is given full command, much to the chagrin of the other more cultured commanders. Conan demonstrates skill in tactics but his efforts are undermined by arrogant officers below him who fall victim to Natohk's magic. Meanwhile, the wizard himself has made it clear conquering the world isn't the only thing on his agenda: He also desires the lovely Yasmela for himself.

The story climaxes with a large battle. Conan defeats Natohk's army and Natohk makes a last attempt to snatch Yasmela. Conan gives chase and confronts the wizard in the ruins of a Stygian temple.


Born of the midsts of war - barbaric
Entombed a thousand years - the wicked
Mad by his blackened tongue - hysteric
Hordes of the Veiled One - the Wretched

Death storm across the desert - plague of man
Black alchemy of witchcraft - beheaded
Sword flung across the temple - the blood spills
By Crom or any god - inhuman

Arise up from the darkness
Bestowed within your mind
Preaching his word subconscious
Bleeding your soul in kind

Black Colossus - born of darkness
Black Colossus - mouth of madness
Black Colossus - see his power


from Ancient Depths, released October 31, 2016
Eric Cobb, Aaron Kanitz, Jeremy Roseland



all rights reserved


Cold Black River Madison, Wisconsin

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